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What You Will Accomplish with One RiseUp Class

  1. You will improve your cardiovascular strength and endurance.

    By performing a cardio workout with both high-intensity bursts and lower-intensity periods, you are getting the best of both worlds and improving your body's ability to carry oxygen and blood efficiently through your body.

  2. You will strengthen your immune system.

    Your immunity against heart disease and other illnesses is bolstered by the overall increase in health and fitness. 

  3. You will take care of your mental health.

    Endorphins produced by exercise provide a mood boost and stress relief while taking care of your physical body contributes to long-term wellness. 

  4. You will begin to build strength by stimulating muscle growth. 

    The functional strength and weight-bearing exercises prescribed and supervised by RiseUp trainers will not only help you to build strong and toned muscles, but also support bone and joint health for lifelong mobility.

  5. You will boost your metabolism

    Both cardiovascular (everything from sprints to slower endurance sets) and strength exercises not only burn calories during workouts, but continue to stimulate your body to burn calories at a higher rate following your workout (both of which aid in weight loss). RiseUp Fitness workouts provide both and keep your body burning! 

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