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Our science-backed program is for anyone at any point in their fitness journey. We meet you where you are on Day 1 - and every day after that.

Intensity Matters

At RiseUp Fitness, we focus on what produces results. Learning your specific training zones and focusing on output intensity is what sets our program apart, and allows you to achieve your goals.

Workout Intensity Chart
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Track Your Progress with Myzone

Through an interchangeable heart rate tracker, every member's effort, heart rate and calories burned are monitored via the Myzone app and live screen, displayed during your workout. This real-time feedback provides you insight on the physical activity achieved during your workout. This helps keep you healthy and instil positive behavior change that makes exercise more fun.


RiseUp Fitness is designed to awaken the athlete in all of us, helping you to reach your goals in an energetic and supportive environment! Our goal with each week of training is to challenge every energy system, giving you a well-balanced workout - combining circuit training, HIIT, and functional strength training, including both weight-based and resistance training. Workouts are low-impact and high-intensity, providing maximum burn while keeping you safe and injury-free. The RiseUp Fitness program is varied and grows with you. As you get stronger, our innovative, goal-driven system continues to find new ways to challenge you - from beginner to expert. We utilize heart rate technology as an option for those looking to take their fitness to the next level. Alongside top-notch trainers, energy-pumping music, and a positive, fun, and supportive community, there is truly no limit to how fit you can get at RiseUp!


There will be no time to get bored during this efficient and highly effective workout, as you quickly move from short cardio bursts to functional strength movements and back again. You will maximize calorie burn during this 50 minute- sweat fest combining HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with functional strength exercises designed to increase overall muscle tone and core strength. You will leave looking shredded! Training at higher intensities will maximize the EPOC effect and you will keep your metabolism high for up to 36 hours post-class.

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This class has it ALL! Designed to help you improve cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle, and maximize metabolism as you focus on two blocks: cardio (just two of our four machines) and strength training. While this class is more strength-based than our other workouts, using both weights and resistance equipment, you can bet that your heart rate will be surging and your max power output will be improving. Optional cardio bursts are available (and occasionally encouraged) for our cardio lovers who enjoy keeping it moving! Your muscles will be burning and tunes will be bumping for 50 minutes of fun. Power Surge is the ultimate class for those looking to get leaner and build cardiovascular fitness - getting you into the most well-rounded shape possible.


A cardio session combined with weight-training to pump up your body and your mood! Endorphins will be flowing as you build cardiovascular endurance by continuing to move at our lower intensity paces with limited rest after challenging yourself for longer duration efforts. Classes are specifically designed to target your aerobic energy system, increase active recovery ability, and will melt fat away! Weight-based stations are mixed in to help you see gains - build muscle mass and increase bone density while strengthening and toning your physique. Cardio Pump classes leave you conditioned, proud, and (definitely) drenched!

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personal training gym in santa barbara and goleta


Peak your performance by keeping your body guessing in this variety-packed, total-body workout - mixing longer intervals designed to build endurance, mid range threshold intervals designed to build power and short high intensity intervals to increase V02 max. Strength exercises focus on Metabolic complexes - a powerful tool for fat loss - allowing you to keep your heart rate high while building muscle and increasing your metabolism to help you burn more calories every day, even at rest.

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