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Simple30 Program

Simple30 Program

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Simple30 Challenge

Our Next Challenge Starts on April 15th

Simple30 is a 30-day nutrition and accountability challenge designed to help you learn and practice the simple, healthy habits that will help you reach your personal health and wellness goals.

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$149 - Simple30 (RiseUp Members)
*Includes 2 InBody Scans

$248 - Simple30 ($149) + 30 Day Unlimited Classes ($99)
*Includes 2 InBody Scans


RiseUp Simple30 is:

  • A 30-day nutrition and health program designed to be simple for busy lifestyles

  • Personalized to your health, fitness, and wellness goals

  • Partner and Solo options available. We always recommend a Partner!

  • Includes a start-up guide and meal plan to get you on track eating whole, unprocessed foods to fuel you up!

  • Personally connecting with a trainer to keep you accountable with weekly goal-setting

  • Initial/final InBody Scans to keep you accountable and help you understand your body and how it reacts to healthy food

  • The best way to create Simple changes to make big strides in creating sustainable healthy habits

  • Achieving your goals and losing weight is hard! We make it Simple.

How does it work?

It pairs the principles of eating whole, mainly unprocessed food with the tools to create healthier, sustainable habits to keep you feeling strong and motivated. You will be assigned a trainer to keep you on track and work with you on your personal goals - whether they be weight loss, fitness improvement, or an overall “reset” on your health. You will receive a start-up guide and simple meal plan based on the idea that healthy eating can be delicious and uncomplicated (unless you want to get fancy) - because life is often too busy for a dinner requiring six pans, twelve steps, and twenty-four ingredients. You will use personal points and InBody Scans as tools to keep you accountable and help you understand how your body changes with excellent nutrition.

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