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personal training gym in santa barbara and goleta

RiseUp Fitness Santa Barbara

RiseUp Fitness began with a big change, a little idea, and a metric ton of passion. Our team founded RiseUp to provide everyone and anyone with the tools, guidance, and motivation they need to live healthy, full lives. We firmly believe that everyone is happier (or at least a little less stressed about the state of the world, their life, the banana bread they left in the oven, etc.) when they exercise, and that a good workout shouldn’t be scary or prohibitive or overwhelming. We have been so inspired by people who work so hard every day to be good, strong, kind humans - and often they remind us that the best way to take care of all the wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) things in your life is to first take care of YOU.


We’re ready with a program that’s accessible to all levels, designed to produce positive change, and tons of opportunities to connect and develop a community that will lift you to your healthiest self ever. Also, many many puns. Are you ready to rise up to your full potential?


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