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RiseUp Fitness Fundraiser!

Workout and Party for Jacob and Family

Saturday, May 27th

Santa Barbara Studio - 2273 Las Positas Road

Jacob is currently a 6th grade student at Monte Vista school, and his single father recently passed away from terminal cancer. Jacob and his 19 year-old brother will be left without parents or other family to help care for them. The donations of this fundraiser will go to support Jacob and his brother as they navigate the next phase of their lives. Their current and future needs include rent, food, clothing, housing supplies, and, if possible, a college fund - all of which you will directly impact with your donation.

How You Can Help!


  1.  Donate directly on our GoFundMe page:​​


  2. Bid on one or more of our amazing online auction items:


  3. Attend our donation-based workout with a Live DJ on Saturday 5/27 at 10:00am!

    • If you are new, use the form below to sign up.

    • Sign up HERE if you are already a RiseUp member!

  4. Attend the party and event on Saturday 5/27: 12:00-2:00pm

    • Donation-based food and beverages

    • 30 Aces will be serving lunch

    • Alcoholic beverages, non alcoholic beverages, and snacks available

    • Live Band: Rock-it - Classic Rock and Country

    • Auction items on display

    • Kids Zone

  5. Contact us if you can support in any way, or would like to be a vendor at the event at

Not a member at RiseUp?
Reserve your spot for our donation-based workout below!

Saturday, May 27th - 10:00AM
Suggested Donation $30

Get Ready

Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes early, wear athletic clothes, bring a water bottle and towel. We take care of the rest! You can wait outside in line until the trainer has the room prepared and welcomes you into class.

Your First Workout 

The trainer will give you a tour and make sure you feel comfortable. You will be guided through every aspect of the workout. This is a "no pressure" workout.  You can expect a motivational and supportive environment. 

Continuing On

After the class, the trainer will check in with you and answer any questions you may have. 

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