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Member Stories


"Trying a new workout class is always intimidating but the members and trainers at RiseUp made me feel comfortable and supported right away. I’ve tried tons of different workouts in tons of different cities - anything from pilates to yoga to HIIT classes to cycling but I have yet to find a workout that is more challenging, satisfying, and genuinely fun than RiseUp! Coming to a RiseUp workout class doesn’t feel like a dreadful task - instead it’s something I look forward to! The trainers are flexible, encouraging, and helpful to each member. The members are kind, uplifting, and always so much fun to work out with! Thank you to the RiseUp for keeping me on track and never going too easy on me!”


April & Nick

"In just a year and a half, RiseUp has become a lifestyle for us, not a passing fad. It is a place we want to be, a place we get to be. If Nick and I can’t go together because of our kids schedule, you might find us arguing over who gets to go…(it’s me, hi.). 


We choose RiseUp not only for our physical health, but our mental health. 


We choose RiseUp for our children, because we want to be the best examples of an active and healthy lifestyle.  We choose RiseUp for our future grandchildren, because we want to be the 70 year olds playing with the kids in the pool. 


We choose RiseUp for our marriage, because it is the best day date you can get! 


We choose RiseUp because it’s HARD, and if it’s not hard, it’s not worth it. BUT, you have the best support and examples of the awesome trainers right there by your side. It’s not uncommon that you get to workout with a trainer right by your side! 


We choose RiseUp because we don’t feel like strangers, but part of an amazing community full of love, smiles, encouragement and fun! Oh, and the amazing dance moves and stand up comedy the instructors like to entertain their members with. 


Sure, it would be easier not to. But you don’t RiseUp because it’s easy. You RiseUp because it's the right thing to do. Because it molds and changes you for the better. No matter how you feel going in, you ALWAYS walk out those doors feeling prouder, stronger, and mentally positive…and then you walk straight into the shower!”



“Beyond doing great workouts at RiseUp, nutrition is such a key piece to our overall health that sometimes we can get too busy to prioritize! Simple30 is such a great way to reset & prioritize yourself. I love that they have an InBody scanner that gives you real insight into your body makeup. Committing to 30 days of eating whole foods & consistent workouts feels that much better when I see my hard work paid off on the InBody scan at the end of the program! 💪"



“I Rise Up For My Family!


Last year a family friend sadly passed away at the age of 28 from cancer leaving behind a son. One of the things that I admired about her is that she never let her disease stop her from living life & was determined to live no matter what the obstacle. I mention her because the life she lead inspired me to do the same! 


I started RiseUp Fitness for the first time last year, I hadn’t set foot in a gym in years. I have Systematic Lupus up until last year I was always afraid of pushing myself to do hard things. I lived in fear that doing too much physically would stop me from being the Mom & Wife I needed to be for my family. 


With the encouragement of others & the warm welcome & support from the RiseUp team I felt inspired to stop living in fear & start rising up into the Mom & Woman I know I’m meant to be. RiseUp isn’t just a gym it’s a home, it’s a family, & most importantly a place that makes your goals a reality. 


Last year after careful & challenging training I was able to complete my first sprint triathlon, placing 5th in my age group & this year my first 1/2 Marathon in under two hours. Seeing my family's smiling faces after each finish line was an indescribable reward I’ll remember forever! This all wouldn’t have been possible without the help & support of everyone at RiseUp Fitness.”



"I started RiseUp about 5 years ago. I don’t know what I was thinking  at first, because nearly thought I was dying after the first couple of classes. Haha. Over the days, weeks, & years, I wholeheartedly can say RiseUp has been a home away from home! Everyone from the trainers and the RiseUp team have been welcoming, encouraging, supportive, fun, & overall family! No matter what class you take 5:30 am or 6:00 pm class - you are in for a killer workout! I can keep going on and on but bottom line … YOU should only choose RiseUp all the way!"



“Before I joined RiseUp two years ago, mid-pandemic, I was in a bit of an exercise rut. I would run most days of the week, but I felt like something was missing from my routine and like I was hitting a fitness plateau. I’d never tried group fitness, but missed having a “coach” and “team” as I’d had in high school sports to inspire me to work harder in my workouts than I could individually. I found all of that and more at RiseUp. The workouts have helped me achieve a new level of fitness I never could not have unlocked on my own — 5K and half marathon PRs, all around muscle strength and endurance, crushing long and steep hikes. And that fitness level means that anything active is just more fun (less time being tired, more time spent enjoying). On top of that, the community is unparalleled. The trainers are incredibly encouraging and push me to be my best (great music choice doesn’t hurt - shout out to Stacee with her “climber song”). Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. A special highlight for me has been getting my mom to join after the buddy challenge this year and watching her get out of her comfort zone and become stronger and faster.  I’m at my happiest when not only when I feel strong and can push myself to be a little bit better every day (even if it’s just one foot per minute on the climb), but also when I can do all of that surrounded by people working towards the same thing.”


Amanda B

A fellow baseball mom was volunteering in the concession stand and I couldn’t help but notice her toned arms and RiseUp shirt. When I complimented both, she invited me to join her for a work out. I hadn’t been a member at a gym since pre-pandemic so I wasn’t sure what lock down (and age!) would allow me to do. I expected to sweat and work, what I didn’t expect was the diverse community of dedicated, fun, and encouraging people and trainers that would greet me every weekday at 5:30am in Goleta. If you have ever seen our silly post-early morning workout videos on social media it’s because I RiseUp to celebrate the positive impact the gym, the trainers and each of the incredible people I have met here have had on my life, both physically and mentally. It’s been about 15 months since the baseball mom invite, and I too now have more toned arms and more than one RiseUp shirt!”


Amanda G

“I’ve been to plenty of gyms in Santa Barbara but nothing has compared to Rise Up Fitness. When my sister Kris Rios invited me to  RiseUp Fitness I’ll be honest I was a little nervous but that instantly changed once I walked through the doors. I was immediately greeted by all the members in the class, they made me feel so excited and encouraged to try the workout for the day, it really did feel like home. The trainers do an exceptional job at coming around to encourage you, and making sure you understand the work out and correct your form if need be. I love the accountability you receive with the trainers, and how they check in on members to ensure they are achieving their results or goals for themselves. It makes you feel as if you aren’t just another number to them, a feeling I had felt prior to coming here.


When you come to this gym count on people rooting for you and leaving empowered to push yourself outside your comfort zone as well as being welcomed into an amazing fitness family!


Once you start coming to RiseUp Fitness you won’t want to stop, I know because after the first class I didn't think twice I signed up that same day! This gym has made me believe in myself that I can do hard things! Thank you RiseUp for taking care of your members and making us feel right at home! RiseUp has been the best impact on my life as I move forward with my fitness journey!”


Alan & Lily

“Everyday we give thanks to God for RiseUp. We are so happy and grateful for Addie, Kyle and Emily! RiseUp has helped us in many ways! We now know we can push ourselves to be better in our health, mind and body. We have lost a lot of weight but we have gained a lot of confidence.” 



“I RiseUp because it’s changed my life! I’ve always been an athlete, but after having four kids, gaining weight, and becoming more injury prone, I had years of feeling like I would never be able to be in shape again, keep up with my kids, or do the active things I love. It is unbelievable how good of a work out I get every time I come, and it is so low impact on my body. It is SUCH a good stress release for me, and has helped significantly with my mental health. Since being a part of RiseUp I look forward to my workouts, I NEVER dread them, and it’s always the best part of my day. It has saved my sanity the last 2.5 years since joining, and I can’t recommend it enough! I love having a place to be competitive, but never feel judged for being at a different fitness level than the person next to me. My fitness has improved significantly and I never feel like I can’t do something anymore with my kids because I feel weak, which has been so empowering! Emily, Kyle & Addie have done an amazing job being flexible throughout all the curveballs and challenges that Covid has brought. They’ve made sure that we continue to have a safe place to come work out and pursue a healthier lifestyle together. I’m so thankful!” 



“I RiseUp because I found a gym that fits me. I love going to class because its an outlet for me after work for stress relief. As a nurse, I know working out is great for your body, but for your mind as well. No matter how tired I am after a rough day, it’s hard to find a good excuse to skip class. The trainers are supportive, motivating and encouraging. They know just the right time to come over and let you know that you have it in you to keep going. It is a total no judgement zone and all of the members are friendly and helpful. Classes are always amazing and challenging.  I have been a RiseUp member for a year and looking forward to many more year with the team and the 4pm family.”



“My wife and I connected with the RiseUp community through friends. We loved it from the start!  Simple30 kicked off a week later with team accountability and coaching instruction. I lost 25 pounds.  A healthier lifestyle, building strength and conditioning are what keep me coming back to RiseUp!!!”



I RiseUp for my kids…so they can have an active, healthy and happy mom who can actually play tag or go ride bikes with them.  I RiseUp for my health and wellness, because taking time for yourself is important and the gym is my happy place. I RiseUp because I can and I want to be the best version of myself!”



“I RiseUp for my mental and physical health! I am so glad to have found this gym. The trainers are awesome, the classes are always challenging, and the sense of community when you are there is inspiring. Because of RiseUp, I have more energy, more stamina, and feel like my fitness level is at a new high! Anyone who is serious about making changes needs to try RiseUp! Put in the work and results will happen!”




I am 64 and would typically prefer to be getting physical exercise outside (bicycling, hiking, walking, swimming, pickleball), but for a one hour session nothing beats RiseUp. I can build more intensity, sweat more, burn more calories, and encourage more endorphins than anything else I participate in. The trainers at RiseUp are each knowledgeable in body mechanics and pay attention to individual participant's needs and modifications. RiseUp is more than a fitness center. It's a community of people doing their best to keep themselves fit, guided by fantastic trainers in a comprehensive system and in a supportive environment.Try it out for yourself!” 



"RiseUp because it's more than just a gym, it's a community-a family. I love going in knowing that at the end of class I will have gotten a great workout and in the process met someone new. Walking in first thing in the morning to see the trainers smiling faces and being surrounded by supportive members is amazing. I never feel judged for not being at the same fitness level as everyone else; on the contrary everyone (from the owners, trainers and members) celebrate each other's accomplishments. I love that no two classes are ever the same. The classes while they are fun, they are also challenging and in just 2 months I've seen improvement in my endurance, energy, and overall strength. Honestly, just having energy again to keep up with my 3 year old makes driving from Ventura every morning worth it.” 



"You won’t grow in your comfort zone. Before this year I had never stepped foot inside a gym. When I first started at RiseUp I had so much anxiety. I was in a new place, had no idea what I was doing and was completely out of my element. I could have easily stopped going but I didn’t. I pushed through  the discomfort and kept showing up for myself. 

I had some fitness goals in place and was hoping to find a gym to help me reach these. RiseUp surpassed all of my expectations! Since going I’ve lost 60lbs! I’ve never gotten a better workout than when I go to the classes they have! One of the great things is that every class is different and caters to all levels of fitness. I’ve never done the same thing during a class and have had the opportunity to learn so much from this. All the trainers are on a first name basis with everyone which makes going super welcoming. They are always going around making sure to answer any questions and keep us motivated! I always leave class feeling powerful and motivated. Joining RiseUp was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I’m at the point now where being at the gym is my comfort zone. If you’re reading this I challenge you to do something outside of your comfort zone this year too!” 



“I RiseUp because it’s the best way for me to be physically fit which positively impacts my overall health. Circuit training is new to me and I’ve discovered that I love it! It’s challenging in a good way and the rewards are seeing my body transform and feeling stronger. The team at RiseUp does a fantastic job of planning the workouts so they’re uniquely challenging and so much fun!”

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