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Refer a friend to RiseUp to give them an amazing experience!

Get $50 OFF your next month!

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Here's how it works:
Have your friend come in and try out a FREE workout. If they love it and sign up for a $99 Intro Month, YOU will get $50 off your next month of membership!

If you have an opportunity to bring in a large number of people for a private group or company class, please email us back and let us know. We can accommodate groups up to 24. We are happy to provide you with marketing materials as well including free class cards and email templates. Contact us and let us know if you have any questions!

What is your friend's contact information?
We'll help them get set up for their FREE workout!

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in contact soon!

*Offer valid for the next 10 days

*For every friend that signs up for an Intro Month, you will receive $50 off a month of membership. 3 referrals equals a $50 credit for 3 consecutive months.

*This offer is for new members only

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